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I Have Been Busy, Mominem and a Truck

Discussion in 'Talk, Talk (off topic)' started by BR400, Oct 1, 2020.

  1. BR400

    BR400 Well-Known Member

    Mrs 400 and I have spent the last couple of days moving the BR200's.

    200 sold his house in SC and moved this week into a bigger ranch house about 20 minutes from where they were living. It is very nice with a 4 acre lot. The neighborhood is all 4-5 acre lots. Very nice neighborhood and looks like it is loaded with deer. We saw six walking through the back of the property while unloading.

    They have a lot of settling in to do but it will be a great place for them.....plus Lake Murray is about 15 minutes from there.

    Speaking of Lake Murray, BR200 and his Fishers of Men partner had a great tournament a couple of days ago. They struggled on day one of the regional with two fish for 4 pounds but came in day two with a limit just under 21 pounds and ended up third with big fish of the event at 6.77 pounds.
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