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Got a little bored again

Discussion in 'Boating Talk' started by cd4th, Feb 29, 2020.

  1. cd4th

    cd4th Shoot first, shoot again

    I had replaced the old fuel sending units in the boat last year and still didn't like the way the readings acted. The tanks had the old style float units and replaced them with the reed switch style from Rochester.
    Original style:

    Replaced with these:


    Wasn't really impressed with the difference due to using the default calibrations on the Smartcraft gauges. Made up a super duper high tech calibration unit and reading are much more accurate now. Dropped the sending unit in, added correct amount of fuel, calibrated each stage and done.

    High tech calibration device:

    fuel cal tool.jpg

    Don't laugh....it worked well! :D
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  2. Gridleak

    Gridleak Well-Known Member

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