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Hummingbird Fishsmart app vrs Navionics ?

Discussion in 'Fishing Talk' started by Chaw, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. Chaw

    Chaw Well-Known Member

    Why pay Hummingbird $10 per lake on their phone app, when I can get Navionics phone app at $5 for everything ?

    And I can get Navionics for free on my laptop .


    To be very frank, this is all confusing.

    They have a Hummingbird map of Conroe at Bassmaster.com


    and the map can be purchased for $10 , but I don't see how its any better than Navionics free version


    Or maybe, I'm just missing something, which would not be the first time.

    I'm just an old guy, I don't know how this works :D

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