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Why throw a Jig?

Discussion in 'Fishing Talk' started by Wizard, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Wizard

    Wizard Well-Known Member

    bo James may well be the best Ozark angler no one has heard of. His life has been fishing and he fished every day. He recently posted on another site the best explanation I've seen of when to use a jig when a shad bite is on. I told him I was stealing this. He also is the owner and designer of the patented NuTech jig.

    the lowly jig is one the the fishing tools to never leave home without. they will catch bass year round. knowing and understanding the food chain will really help in figuring out the right places to throw a jig.

    table rock is chuck full of shad, and is the primary food source of the bass. so, why throw a jig? because where the bass have been heavily feeding on the shad, the uneaten remains go to the bottom, and this will bring in the crawdads. bass will begin feeding on the crawdads, and it will be the better size bass. now is the time and place to fish your jig.

  2. BCB

    BCB Off Staff

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